DMV Practice Test WA - Washington Road Rules 5

At an intersection, a blind person takes a step backwards and withdraws their cane. What does this mean?

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When dealing with a curve in slippery conditions, you should…?

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If in poor weather conditions you may not be able to see much more than 200 feet ahead, you must keep your speed below…?

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The best way to deal with fog or heavy smoke is what?

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For a first conviction for DUI, the maximum fine/jail time can be what?

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On a wet road, you should reduce your speed about...?

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You must not park within what distance of traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign?

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If the road is icy, you should…?

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You should not overtake another vehicle approaching a curve or a hill unless the curve or hill is what distance away (minimum)?

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Sun glare is often at its most dangerous at what time?

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If you need to cross several lanes on the freeway, you should cross them…?

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What is the maximum speed allowed unless otherwise posted on state highways?

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If you are driving down the road with oncoming traffic to your left and parked cars on the right, which course should you steer?

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Which of these is not a good way of avoiding aggressive driving?

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If another driver is dazzling you with high beam headlights at night, what should you do?

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Which of these is a danger presented by flooding on a roadway?

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Your vehicle is in danger of hydroplaning in wet conditions at speeds over…?

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Once you’ve been passed by an emergency vehicle with siren and/or flashing lights on, you must not follow it within what distance?

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Safer drivers tend to look at least ___ seconds ahead of their vehicle...?

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Children below the age of ___ years must be secured in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system…?

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Get Your Driver's License Fast With DMV Practice Test WA

If you want to double your chances of passing the main driver’s license test, the DMV practice test WA makes it possible. You need to get acquainted with all the rules of the road applicable in the state of Washington to drive.

The practice test consists of 40 questions out of which you need to answer at least 32 of them correctly. So, prepare yourself for the real exam with a driving practice test to get ahead of the crowd.


How does the Washington DMV practice test help?

DMV practice test WA The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) practice test isn’t the real exam to get a driver’s license. But it helps you prepare yourself and improve your confidence before attempting the actual test. There is no denying that many drivers fail on their first attempt at the real test.

As such, they lose their confidence and effort at the same time. Moreover, confidence once lost is hard to regain. Hence, the best way out of this situation is to prepare yourself for the real written test. The DMV practice test WA is a great way to complement your study habits.

And, it gives you effective results when it comes to passing the main driver’s test. While most drivers want to improve their preparation to pass the test on the first attempt, they don’t know how to do that efficiently. All they have is the driver’s handbook to extract information for the test.

Also, they don’t know how to find out whether or not the preparation for the main test was adequate. Because of their circumstances, they lose confidence to take the real driving written test. To keep your mind calm and get the most out of your preparation, it is wise to take a practice test.

The DMV practice test WA allows you to know beforehand whether your preparation is up to the mark. Or, you need more preparation. In short, going through the driver’s handbook over and over again won’t make things easy. The practice tests allow you to find out the areas that need improvements.


Who are eligible for the practice tests?

Anyone who wants to pass the main written test to achieve a Washington state driver’s license is eligible to take the DMV practice test WA. This is the best way to evaluate your progress and find out the status of your preparation is to take these practice tests.

The tests allow you to recall whatever you have learned from the driver’s handbook before attempting for the actual exam. Moreover, choosing these tests is straightforward. Plenty of websites provide online practice tests. And, all you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs.

Furthermore, they have a friendly interface and most of them don’t cost you a dime. What’s more interesting about these websites is that you can practice as many times as you want until you become sure about the main written test.

To begin with, start by reading the updated version of the driver’s handbook. Get all the important information right and take notes about them. Keep in mind that having a good studying habit allows you to extract the right knowledge needed for the test.

Next, choose a website of your choice to take the practice test and find out how much you have made progress. Taking the practice test is simple and all you need to do is follow the set of instructions.


Can you benefit from the practice test?

If you want a driver’s license to drive on the roads of Washington State, you should pass the written exam. However, to pass the exam, you need to prepare hard for it. The written test consists of a huge syllabus and it is challenging to remember every aspect of it.

The practice section of the Washington State Driving Test allows you to measure your progress. That way, you can pass the real exam fast. When you take these practice tests, you get the confidence to score the maximum marks needed for the exam.

Moreover, the practice test helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Because practice makes perfect, the same thing works with these tests as well. Getting to know everything about road rules makes your confidence level high to appear for the written test.

One of the biggest benefits that you can have when taking part in the practice test is that it provides you with the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. When you answer a question correctly, you can know how good your preparation was. Also, the opposite thing works as well.

That way, you can know your strengths and weaknesses. So, there is no question that you get lots of benefits by taking the practice tests. Moreover, these tests are free of cost often or come at a nominal price.


What do you need to prepare for the practice driving test?

The best way to prepare for the practice test is to memorize the content you get from the driver’s handbook. It is the official guide published by the concerned authority. Furthermore, you can browse the content in the handbook for free or download it from the Washington DMV’s official website.

Hence, study the handbook carefully and make sure that you have a clear understanding of the information within it. The practice test cover topics related to various driving rules, safe driving practices, road rules, and traffic signs. After studying the handbook, supplement it by taking practice tests from websites of your choice.


What does the practice test include?

The practice tests are compiled by several experts who have profound knowledge about the road rules governing the State of Washington. And, the test comes in the form of multi-choice questions. These questions are written in the same way that you can find in the real written test.

As a result, you can get familiar with the original format. Also, you can put your knowledge to good use by taking the test. Answering the questions in the best way helps you to get a clear picture of your improvements. With elevated confidence, you can appear for the main exam without issues. And, get your driver’s license fast.