Virginia DMV Permit Practice Test - Virginia Road Rules 2

Around what percentage of fatal motorcycle crashes involve an automobile?

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The blindspot of a large tractor trailer may extend up to how far behind the vehicle?

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Expert drivers scan the road for what is going to happen up to how far ahead?

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Under what circumstances must you yield to a military convoy?

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Under what circumstances may you exceed the speed limit to pass another vehicle?

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Two vehicles are approaching each other at an intersection from opposite directions and both want to turn left, how should they pass?

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The blindspot of a large tractor trailer may extend up to how far in front of the cab?

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If a curb is painted white, what does this mean?

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If you are convicted of aggressive driving, your license could be suspended for up to…?

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You must not park within what distance of an intersection?

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Parking downhill on a street with a curb, how should you set your front wheels?

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When traveling between 35 and 45 mph, you should leave at least what following distance to the vehicle in front?

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The speed limit for a road is…?

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You must always turn on your headlights if visibility is reduced to what?

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Which of these areas would freeze before the others?

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What is the best way to check there is no other vehicle in your blind spots?

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If your car stalls on a railway crossing and a train is coming, what should you do?

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A driver with their left arm and hand pointing straight out horizontally is indicating what?

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What is the maximum speed limit in Virginia on unpaved roads?

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If your steering wheel was a clock, the optimal hand position when driving is…?

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If another vehicle is tailgating you, what should you do?

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When fire trucks/equipment are stopped to answer an alarm, you must not park within what distance of them?

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When a two-way road is divided by a broken yellow line, what does that mean?

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When two vehicles arrive at an intersection from different directions at different times, who must yield?

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When you see a pedestrian using a cane or guide dog to cross the road, you must…?

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Things to Remember for Answering Virginia DMV Permit Test

All hands are on deck when you’re answering a Virginia DMV permit practice test. This is not something you can afford to take lightly because you may not be able to get the permits that you have long been craving. It is all about preparing for what lies ahead and it can involve driving numerous vehicles if you manage to get a nice score for your permit practice test. It is a lot easier said than done but you will feel pretty confident when you are able to answer plenty of Virginia DMV permit practice tests in the right manner. After all, you would not want to go in there pretty nervous as you can be shaking while holding your pen and your seatmates can notice that. It is one of those scenarios that you would want to avoid as much as possible in order to avoid getting laughed at. After all, some of them may not take it as seriously.

Avoid Distractions

Virginia DMV Permit Practice Test When you are answering the Virginia DMV permit practice test at home, there can be a lot of distractions that would prevent you from finishing the entire thing. You can be tempted to watch your favorite show, cook a quick meal, or even play video games. Thus, better to get those distractions out of the way by going to an isolated place. It could be an outside shed or even your attic as long as it is full of nothing but peace and quiet. Of course, be sure that you have a fast Internet connection so that you will be totally glued to the task at hand. One way would be to avoid distractions would be to turn off your mobile phone. Besides, there will always be the temptation of checking your smartphone for anything new on social media. when that happens, you know that you can’t really do this because you originally wanted to do it for just a few minutes but you end up taking a lot more than that because of reading a few posts then sharing them with your friends. Due to how unpredictable social media can be, it would be better to abstain from it for a while. Don’t worry though because you probably won’t miss much when you go back to social media when the exam is all over. It will live up to the hype of having over-the-top questions but the feeling is unbelievable when it is finally over.

Answer Again After a Couple of Days

It would be alright to keep on answering the Virginia DMV permit practice test so that you would be able to learn from your mistakes. After all, you would always look at where you went wrong after answering it and you can research about it to find out why the answer is like that. If you choose to answer many practice tests then it is quite possible that you will forget all about the first ones that you answered especially if you were not concentrated too much on them. Thus, it won’t hurt you that much when you choose to answer all those things all over again. That strategy would not only make you learn all those things that you missed but you can also learn a lot of new stuff. As a matter of fact, some people would advise answering those tests all over again until you get a perfect score. Yep, one or even two mistakes won’t be good enough as you can’t really predict how many items you are going to get wrong in the actual test. As a result, it would feel great to know that you are more than capable of having plenty of sure answers so you would not be worried about getting a low score.

Do a Group Study

It is not that popular to do a group study for Virginia DMV permit practice tests nowadays but it is highly recommended to do so. After all, you will get to share with other people tips for the exam and they will get to do the same. It is like something you never thought possible and you will also gain new friends in the process. All of you have one goal and that is to get a high score so it is possible you will study long hours. When you see other people are doing it, then you will be motivated to do the same. It is all in the mind and there are times when you just need a bit of motivation to do things that you would not feel obliged to do but have it done anyways in the nick of time. It is possible a huge group study can divide into small groups as some of them would choose to study on their own. the usual venue for group studies would be the library as that is the place where you will find plenty of resources. You may even find books that contain loads of information you never thought you would find yourself.

We all know all the benefits of accomplishing a good score for the Virginia permit test is. As a result, better arrive at the test prompt pretty early so that you can find your seat and bring out all the needed materials for the exam. It won’t be an excuse to say to the proctors that you got stuck in traffic. After all, you could have used a bunch of map apps. Before going there, you may want to just relax a bit. Do some breathing exercises and a bit of recalling in order to remember all those things that you studied. Yes, you would not want to suddenly realize that you forgot a few things a few minutes before taking the exam. It is all about bringing a lot more pens than you expected so that when one runs out of ink then you have more than a few spares right in your pocket. You could have time to buy pens if you find out early there isn’t enough.