Virginia DMV Practice Test That Help You Pass Your Permit Exam Faster and More Effectively

Before you’re handed a Virginia driver’s license you should show that you’re capable of understanding road rules and know how to navigate the roads. This is done via a two-part test, the knowledge exam and the practical exam.

To pass the knowledge exam you must have read and understood the Virginia Driver’s Manual, which can be obtained at your local government or on their website. Moreover, you must have passed the VA DMV permit test to get to the next step.

Skills That Are Tested on the Virginia Written Driving Exam

Virginia DMV Practice Test Currently, the Virginia driver knowledge test is made up of 35 multiple choice questions picked randomly from a database. To pass you must have at least 30 correct answers.

The skills that you need to pass the Virginia written driving exam is knowledge of road signs. These road signs vary depending on the symbol, color, and shape and indicate to drivers that they need to stop, not make a u-turn or park, among others.

You’ll also be tested on Virginia safe driving practices, common road rules, and traffic laws. Basically, the test has to make sure you’re capable of reading the road signs and knowing the rules to drive the roads of Virginia safely.

Simple Steps to Prepare for Your Virginia Permit Test

Step 1. Obtain a Copy of the Official DMV Rulebook

In any test, you will be given a resource, such as a textbook or reference material on which the questions will be based.

In the case of obtaining a Virginia driver’s license, you will have to get a copy of the Virginia DMV manual. You can get it from the local office or on the official DMV website.

Download it and then make an effort to read through the manual at least once.

Step 2. Read the DMV Rulebook and Understand It

The second step is to of course read the DMV and get to know how you can drive the streets of Virginia safely.

It may be dense or difficult to read on your first try, but you can divide it into sections or minutes. For example, you can read for 20 to 30 minutes, or every chapter or 20 pages then stop. Pause, then try to recall what you’ve learned.

First-timers are often eager to take the actual test once they think they’ve read through the material once. However, you might draw a blank or guess your way through the exam, which isn’t the best approach. To really get a high chance of passing it’s recommended that you read the official handbook, then supplement your learning by taking a practice test online.

Step 3. Take a Practice Test

Technology is wonderful in that you can take a Virginia knowledge test without actually going for the real thing.

You can take practice tests online that simulate the actual exam done in a DMV office. You just have to pick a regularly updated website that has questions taken from the official database, then tries to see if you can pass. The good thing is that you get immediate feedback and see what items you got wrong. More importantly, you can the correct answers which is a type of absorbed knowledge.

The Risks of Not Studying Hard Enough the First Time

The most industrious aspiring drivers have the highest chance of passing the official Virginia driving test the first time.

Their secret is that they try to take heart the contents of the DMV manual. Then, they read it again until they’re familiar with the road signs, traffic rules, and whatnot. They could drive the streets of Virginia and know how to drive in a specific road condition.

The consequences of not studying hard is simple- you have a higher chance to fail and go back to the drawing board. When this happens, not only is your time wasted but your money as well. It’s worthy to note you get only three tries at passing the knowledge exam- when you fail it you must complete a driver education course and pay additional testing fees, which isn’t cheap.

Failing the test gives you a 15-day delay so you can go back, hit the book, and try to understand the Virginia road rules and traffic signs better. Also, there’s no asking for help and you won’t have your smartphone or any electronic device during the exam.

Preparation is truly paramount to pass the DMV knowledge test in Virginia. To be prepared, you must have read the manual at least once and can pass a mock exam. There’s no shortcut to passing the Virginia driver’s exam- only hard work and dedication will see you through.

Want To Ace the Virginia Driving Test the First Time, Visit

To get to a passing score a practice test can help. There’s no secret to it- read the manual, take a practice test and see what you got wrong, then read the DMV handbook and try again.

Sometimes it’s as easy as that. Without a practice test, you won’t get feedback on what things you need to improve on, such as traffic signs or knowing what to do in a certain traffic situation. Even if you managed to pass by a hair you won’t be fully prepared to drive the streets of VA.

To pass the knowledge exam on the first try you must aim as high as possible. The fewer mistakes you make the higher the chance you pass and move on to the practical driving test.

Go only on driving test exam sites such as, which are regularly updated to reflect the real thing. When you get a handle of what the questions are like your confidence will rise and you can finally have your VA driver’s permit.

Remember, reading the handbook is essential, but a practice test will prove to be indispensable when you’re aiming to ace the Virginia knowledge test on the first try. You’ll feel proud of your accomplishment and can move on to your much-awaited Virginia driver’s license.