Texas DPS Driving Test - Texas Road Rules 2

When towing another vehicle, the connection between the vehicles must be no longer than…?

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If you are assisting a person injured in a crash, which of these should you do?

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What is the Texas speed limit for numbered highways outside urban districts?

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Which of these areas may still be icy even when the rest of the pavement is clear?

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If you are driving on an unpaved road that intersects with a paved road, who must yield right-of-way?

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What depth of water is enough to stall most passenger cars?

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When you are following a fire truck answering an alarm or an ambulance with its flashing red lights on, you must not drive within what distance of it?

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Which of these should be avoided when driving to prevent distraction?

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All those applying for a Texas driver license must successfully complete an approved driver education course if they are below the age of…?

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What percentage of fatal traffic crashes in Texas involve drivers under the influence of alcohol?

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In order to supervise a learner driver, the accompanying driver must have been licensed for at least…?

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Your vehicle must have a license plate light of what color?

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You must not park within what distance of any flashing signal, stop sign, yield sign or other traffic control signal?

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Solid white lines on the road should…?

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In crashes where nobody is killed or injured and there is less than $1000 of damage, you must report it to the Texas Department of Transportation within what time?

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You must switch to low beam headlights when you get within what distance of an approaching vehicle?

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You will most likely be in a truck driver's blind spot if you can't see…?

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A driver holding the left arm out bent at the elbow with the forearm and hand pointing straight upwards is signaling what?

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Which of these must you yield to when crossing a sidewalk to gain access to a driveway, parking lot etc?

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DWI and DUI can result in a driver's license suspension of up to…?

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If found guilty of manslaughter while intoxicated while driving, you can face what fine/jail time?

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All children in a vehicle must be secured in a federally approved child car seat if they are under the age of…?

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Approaching a railroad grade crossing where a sign warns you to stop or you can see a train coming, you should stop no further than what distance from the nearest rail?

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The most common cause of crashes between cars and motorcycles is…?

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On a three-lane road with all traffic moving in the same direction, drivers from both the far left and far right lanes want to move into the middle lane. Who should yield?

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Texas DPS Driving Test - All You Wanted to Know

Owning a driving license could be a milestone to achieve as you become an adult. To obtain a driving license, there are formal procedures one has to undergo. The driving test is one of them. To know how to prepare yourself for a Texas DPS driving test read the article. The article gives you a detailed insight into the preparation, checklists, vehicle inspection, etc. As a first part of the article, let us see who is required to take up the driving test.


Who has to take the driving test?

Texas DPS Driving Test The driving license is issued by the Texas Department of Public safety. The driving license is issued for a period of 8 years. In order to get a Texas driving license issued in your name, you may have to take a driving test. Here is a list of when and who should take a driving test.

You may have to take a driving test if

  • You do not have a license issued in any U.S. state or territory.
  • You have a license issued by another state but your license has now expired
  • If you have a license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety but expired over 2 years.
  • You have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to operate a vehicle safely.
  • There are a few restrictions placed on your current driving license and that can be removed only through a driving test.

Note: you may not be asked to take a driving test if your license is up for renewal and if you surrender your driving license issued by other states. You should also be above 18 years of age for you to do this. Anyone under 18 may be asked to undergo a driving test. The Department of Public safety, may, however, ask you to take a driving test at any time as per its discretion.

The next segment talks about preparing for the driving test.

If you’re all set to prepare for the driving test, then remember to go through all the maneuvers in the “Driver safety checklist”. There is also a Texas Driver handbook available online at www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense. You can also get this handbook from any driver’s license office.

You should also make sure to practice all the exercises carefully and get feedback before scheduling the test.


How to schedule a driving test

Now, if you’re done practicing all the maneuvers, it’s time to schedule a driving test. To schedule a driving test, you just have to book an appointment online. Visit the following site to book a driving test: www.dps.texas.gov and go to “More online services”. You can also book appointments by visiting the office. The services are undertaken only based on prior appointments. There are several new measures in place adhering to the covid19 protocol. The customers are supposed to undergo screening before they enter the premises. The customers are screened for temperature and checked for symptoms. They are also encouraged to wear masks and follow social distancing protocols. The submission of fee is strictly through card payments. The submission of cash is discouraged due to the pandemic. The department encourages all of them to conduct the services online.

The next important thing you have to do while you schedule a driving test is to take your vehicle for inspection. Before you begin the driving test, it is mandatory for the vehicle you bring to clear the inspection. The safety of its operation on the road is verified. The customer service representative will conduct a check on the following things:

  • Speedometer ( whether it’s operational or not)
  • Two license plates
  • Horn (functional or not)
  • Turn signals both on the front and back of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance details
  • Rearview mirror (inside and outside the vehicle)
  • The doors near the driver and front passenger seat, if it opens normally
  • Seat belts
  • The discipline of the driver
  • Windshield wipers
  • Brake lights, taillights, headlights


What needs to be done before the test?

You are required to submit a valid identification form to the customer service representative before the commencing of the driving test. Clarify your doubts and get answers to all the questions before the driving test starts. The customer service representative is by no means allowed to engage in any sort of conversation once the test commences.

What to do during the test?

The first thing to follow during the driving test is not to take any pets or unauthorized persons. The rule says a complete “NO” to the entry of pets and unauthorized passengers. The average duration of the test is 20 minutes. During the test, your ability to operate the vehicle safely and the way you obey the traffic rules are tested. You will be graded based on your ability to perform the following exercises:


  1. Parallel parking
  2. Turning
  3. Backing in a straight line
  4. Controlling the vehicle
  5. Stopping the vehicle in regular traffic conditions
  6. Observing the traffic closely
  7. Using signals
  8. The way you maintain vehicle position while turning, stopping.

Note: At any point in time, the supervisor observes any dangerous exercises being performed, it will result in automatic disqualification.

What should you do after the test?

Once you finish your driving test, the result of the test will be shared with you. Detailed feedback stating your strong areas and areas of improvement will be shared. Congratulations! If you pass the test. Unfortunately, if you do not get through this test, your application will remain in the office ( driver license) for a period of 3 months or 90 days. After a specified period of 90 days or 3 failed attempts, you are required to submit a fresh application along with a fee. If you practice your exercises, you are sure to get through in the first attempt. Better luck over that!

For detailed knowledge on the processes, various services offered and timings- visit here.