PA Driver’s Permit Test - Pennsylvania Road Rules 1

If you break down on the highway, you should alert other drivers that your vehicle is disabled by…?

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What is the speed limit in a school zone when it is active?

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Your rearview mirror should be adjusted so that you can see…?

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On a two lane two-way road, what does a broken yellow centerline mean?

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If you are permitted to turn right on a red light, what must you do first?

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Drivers under the age of 21 are considered to be driving under the influence with a blood alcohol concentration at or above…?

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At speeds above 35 mph, you must activate your turn signal at least what distance before you turn?

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In bad weather such as fog, sleet, snow et cetera, which of these should you use?

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When driving near a blind pedestrian carrying a white cane or walking with a guide dog, you must yield right-of-way to them…?

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When entering a multilane highway from a ramp, you should…?

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If you see a vehicle with an orange triangle on the back, it means they are designed to operate at what speed?

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When you are following a vehicle ahead when its rear bumper passes a tree you are following too closely if you pass the same tree in less than…?

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On two-way two lane streets, left turns should commence from…?

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You should never enter an intersection unless you are certain you can…?

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What color lines are used to divide traffic traveling in opposite directions?

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You should always use your headlights if you cannot see pedestrians or vehicles what distance ahead of you?

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If another driver is tailgating you, what should you do?

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To avoid last-minute maneuvers, you should be scanning the road ahead up to where you will be in approximately…?

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Learners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least…?

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When roads get slick you should maintain a following distance of approximately…?

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In a rainstorm, the pavement is most slippery…?

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What is the maximum speed limit in Pennsylvania?

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Under what circumstances can you share a lane with a motorcycle?

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A driver holding their left arm horizontally straight out of the window is indicating what?

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Turning left on a multilane highway, your turn should begin where?

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Proven Strategies for Passing your PA Driver’s Permit Test

A lot of people would not stop telling their friends about how hard it is to pass the PA driver’s permit test. You can believe in them and just give it up or prepare for the exam in the right manner so that you will go into the test feeling a bit confident about yourself. Here are a few proven strategies that will allow you to pass your Pennsylvania permit test in a confident manner:


Study Hard

PA Driver’s Permit Test Don’t just read the manual from start to end. You must understand what all those things mean so that you would become a better driver from that point. Also, it would be alright to lose sleep over this as long as you know that you are doing everything in your power to ace the exam. It is all about gaining the confidence that will allow you do great in this exam. Just like any other exam that you encountered when you were a student, you know your chances will go up when you study real hard for it. It is a good thing there are many resource materials that you can obtain for your road to preparing for the permit test. Don’t worry about investing in all of those things because it is all going to be worth it when you achieve what you set out to do and that is to pass that exam with flying colors. All the people who did it in the past have one thing in common and that is they studied hard until the last minute. it is like they would not want to let go of the books they have because they are fully committed to giving satisfying results in this scenario.


Get Advice

When you know other people who already took the PA driving test in the past, then you can ask them about the questions. There can be a chance that those exact questions would not come out when it would be your turn to take the test though. However, that would give you somewhat an idea of what the exam would be all about. When you know that person passed with flying colors then you can also ask what that person answered to the questions that he remembers so that you will also know the answer. You can even research so that you will know if he is right or not. Since he is already done with the exam, the only thing you can do is to prepare yourself for what is to come. Of course, these must be people that you trust. After all, asking random people about their experiences with regards to the PA driverst test can pretty much yield the wrong answers. Instead of being prepared for the exam, you can be going in the opposite direction and it is all because of asking the wrong people. Those people will probably not care whether or not you pass the exam so it would be in your best interest to ask people who actually care. Don’t be shy in getting advice from your friends because they know that they will be a big help in your mission of conquering the PA written test that will happen in the not so distant future.


Answer Practice Tests

In order to get an early feel of what it would be like to answer a PA driver’s permit test, then you can answer free mock exams online. These sample tests will let you know the coverage of the exam which is traffic rules and regulations plus the road signs. When you find out that you are a bit weak in some of those parts then you now know your weakness and that is where you can concentrate your efforts on. It is actually nice to know that you are getting a lot out of websites that you don’t need to invest on. They won’t even try and convince you to sign up and get more mock questions. You can just practice the test questions that are there over and over again until you feel like you have already mastered something you were not expecting to. it is all about giving it your all during the times that you are answering the practice exams. You must really pretend that you are answering the real thing so that your effort will be right there. It is also possible to answer the same exams that you answered before because after answering many exams, it is possible that you already forgot about the answer to those questions.


Think Positive

You must head into the PA drivers permit test with the mindset that you are going to nail it. Yes, being confident about your abilities will do you a lot of favors even if past exams did not go your way. Those things happened already and it would be time to concentrate on what would happen for you in the future. this is not the time to look down on your abilities as that would not have good consequences for your future. Better think that it will all work out so you won’t have much to worry about. If you don’t do that, you can find yourself feeling a bit more worried than usual.

Once you implement strategies that were proven to be quite effective then you are going to be feel good about your chance of having a good score for the PA driver’s permit test. Of course, there is no guarantees that you will get the score that you want because you won’t really know if you did well until after a few days when the results come out. Until then, all you can do is hope for the best. However, you won’t be that nervous if you come into the exam really prepared for it and you did everything possible including taking vitamins that are good for the memory so that you will remember everything that you studied over the past few days.