Drivers Permit Test NJ - New Jersey Road Rules 5

A driver under 21 found guilty of purchasing alcohol in New Jersey can be suspended for up to…?

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Which of these is affected by alcohol?

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Your vehicle should be equipped with a horn that can be heard in normal conditions for at least…?

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You should not pass another vehicle within what distance of a railroad crossing?

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Who has the greatest responsibility for preventing crashes at intersections?

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You must not park within what distance of a stop sign?

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The best way to reduce the risk of a crash caused by drinking and driving is…?

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The “no-zone” or blind spot of a truck or tractor trailer can extend for up to how far behind the vehicle?

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If you refuse to take a breath test in New Jersey you will be subjected to a violation surcharge of $1000 per year for…?

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What is the maximum speed limit anywhere in New Jersey (only on some interstate highways)?

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Reckless driving can incur a prison sentence of up to…?

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You must not park in which of these locations?

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Leaving the scene of a crash in which personal injury has occurred can add how many points to your license?

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Double broken lines in the center of the road mean…?

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If you all driving on a clear road in a city at 25 mph, you should be aware of everything up to…?

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When approaching a horse rider or horse-drawn vehicle, you must reduce your speed to a maximum of…?

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On a Special Learner Permit, the holder may not drive between the hours of…?

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If you legally change your name from that on your driver's license/permit, you must inform the MVC within what time?

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You must yield to public transport buses…?

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A good rule of thumb is that your following distance should be one car length for every…?

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On packed snow at 40 mph, you should leave the following distance of how many car lengths?

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Adult supervising drivers for Special Learning Permit holders must be at least what age?

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All your tires must have a tread of at least what depth?

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Wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of surviving a crash by…?

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It is illegal for anyone to drive in New Jersey with a blood alcohol content at or over…?

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Essential Information For NJ Written Driver Knowledge Test

Are you fond of driving? Do you wish to know all about the drivers permit test NJ? Here is an article tailor-made for you. If you want to start driving on the streets or on the highways of New Jersey, you must have either a learner’s permit or a driver’s license. The process of acquiring this license begins with a written driving test. This article provides you all the important details that you need to know before you sit for the test. So, read along to find out all your answers!

What is the NJ Permit Test?


Drivers Permit Test NJ If you are applying for a driver’s license, at first, you should have a restricted permit. In case you are 16 or 17 years old, you can easily acquire the special learners permit. For this, you need to do two things. First, you should get yourself enrolled in a driving school and second, you need to pass the written test.

However, if your age is more than 17 years, then, it is not mandatory for you to join a driving school. But, you will still need to pass the written test.

What is the format of drivers permit test NJ?

There will be a total of 50 questions in the written test. You will be given options for all of them. In order to pass, you will need to score a minimum of 80%. This means that you should at least answer 40 out of 50 questions correctly for passing the test.

What is the test based on?

The written permit test in New Jersey is based on the official driver’s manual of the state. It consists of detailed explanations of the traffic laws, road signs, road rules as well as important practices for safe driving.

What to prepare for the test?

For passing the test and acquiring the license, you need to know in detail about the traffic laws in New Jersey. You should have enough knowledge about the traffic laws and be able to identify the different traffic signs and rules by their shapes, symbols, or colors.

How to prepare for the written test?

If you want to get a good score on the test and pass with flying colors, then you need to have a fair idea about the traffic rules, road signs, safe driving practices, road rules of New Jersey. For this, you have to read up the official drivers manual of New Jersey.

All the questions of the test will be based on this manual. So, it is important to have a good hold over the material provided in the manual.

After you have completed reading the manual from cover to cover, start going through the sample tests. There are several online websites offering sample test papers to help you out in your preparation. Go through as many of them as you can. The test papers will give you an overall idea about the kind of questions asked in the written test.

Fix a time and try to answer all the questions within the stipulated time. After submitting your responses, the website will instantly show you the results. With regular practice, your mistakes will be minimized and you will become more confident.

Where should you take the written permit test?

You need to take the written permit test at the local MVC office. The list of the MVC offices in your nearby area is available at the official website of the state of New Jersey. You can visit the website, go through the list of the offices and choose the one that is most convenient for you to visit and take the test.

Are the written tests available in foreign languages?

The test is available in many foreign languages, such as English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Polish, Russian, Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Japanese. Only two options are offered in the case of the oral tests. They are available in Spanish and English.

Do you need to make an appointment for the test?

All test takers need to make an appointment for the written test. You can make advance appointments for up to 30 days. You need to visit the official website of the state of New Jersey.

Is there any exam fee?

You do not need to pay any fee for taking the exam. However, you will be charged an amount of $10 for the kind of permit that you require. An additional amount of $4 will also be charged for the decals.

What to do after you pass the NJ written knowledge test?

Once you pass the permit test, you need to wait for 6 months. Only after 6 months, you will be able to schedule the driving exam. You can use these 6 months for practicing driving under the able guidance of an expert and licensed driver.

If your age is 16 years, you have to get enrolled in a driving school and take a full-fledged driving course. Once this waiting period of 6 months is over, you can apply for the provisional license.

What to do if you fail the NJ permit test?

If you fail, there is the provision of retaking the written test immediately. However, that might not be of much help. Failing repeatedly will lead to more frustration and decrease your motivation to study and prepare further. So, you should study hard and prepare well before applying for the test once again.

One thing that you should remember is that, if you are not able to pass the test three consecutive times, you need to wait at least for 6 months before applying once again.

How long is the permit test valid?

You can take the knowledge test as many times as you want within a period of 180 days. However, before retaking the test, you need to wait for 7 days. The test receipt that stands valid for a period of 180 days is to be renewed only after its expiration. You will be charged $125 for the renewal.