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What is the minimum speed allowed on freeways unless otherwise posted in Michigan?

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When you are driving, you should keep…?

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As you drive, you should be monitoring the road ahead up to the point where you will be in…?

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In normal braking conditions, how should you apply the brakes?

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With certain exceptions, Level 2 License holders may only carry how many passengers over the age of 21?

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You may have to take a mandatory driver reexamination if you accumulate how many points on your license in a two-year period?

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You will have four points placed on your driving record if you are found speeding how much over the legal speed limit?

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The majority of driving convictions will remain on your driving record for a minimum of…?

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You must always turn your headlights on…?

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Which of these is the only thing that can sober you up when you been drinking?

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Level 2 License holders can be fined up to how much for using a cell phone when driving?

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How many points will be placed on your license for drag racing on public highways?

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Failing to stop for a school bus or disobeying a school crossing guard will result in how many points on your driving record?

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Which of these is a possible penalty for traffic violations in Michigan?

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Your first concern at the scene of a crash should be to do what?

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You should always turn your headlights on if there is not enough natural light to see people and vehicles clearly at what distance?

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Your application for a driver's license renewal will be rejected if you have how many unpaid parking tickets on your driving record?

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Drivers found to have any bodily alcohol content will have four points placed on their record if they are under the age of...?

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Nobody under the age of 18 may ride in the open bed of a pickup truck if it is traveling over what speed?

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Failure to stop at a railroad crossing will result in how many points on your driving record?

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If you're pulled over by a law enforcement officer, what should you do with your hands?

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How many points will be placed on your license for operating while intoxicated or with any presence of any Schedule 1 drug or cocaine?

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When railroad crossing lights and gates are activated, or you hear the horn of an approaching train, how long do you have before the train arrives?

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Your inside rear view mirror should be adjusted so that you can see…?

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Disobeying a traffic signal or stop sign will result in how many points being placed on your driver record?

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How Should I Prepare For The Driving Permit Test?

Are you all set to take Michigan Driving Test? Do you want to know more about Michigan driving test questions to take the test confidently? Some believe that they need to work hard to pass the Michigan driving test. However, you can perform well without spending a lot of time and effort. You will have to read and understand the Driver’s Manual. By covering the manual only, you can pass both writing and road driving tests. In this article, we will know more about the preparation and Michigan driving test questions. Keep reading if you want to know how to pass the test and get a driver’s license fast.


Start Your Preparation

First, you will have to take the writing test. You can start your preparation with Michigan Drivers Manual. It will help you to be a skilled driver. Once you know the rules and regulations, you can follow them and drive safely. You can download the manual to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Whenever you want to read, you can go through it. The book will educate you about driving. You will have to understand and remember it to pass the test.


Michigan Driving Test Questions

Michigan Driving Test Questions When it comes to the writing test questions, you will have multiple-choice questions. There will be fifty questions. If you write forty correct answers, you will pass the test. The questions will come from the Drivers Manual. The test will ask you about road signs, traffic laws, and safe driving techniques. You might be thinking that you will have to try hard to pass the test. However, you will have to understand the question types. You can take online practice tests to know the types of questions.

You will have many options to write practice tests. Once your preparation is over, you can start writing practice tests. Even if you do well, you can study more to perform even better. However, if you score less, you might need to spend more time on the study to write correct answers. After preparing well, you can write practice tests again. If you score well on the practice test, you can consider taking the real writing test. Even if you do not succeed on the first attempt, you will have two more chances to pass the test. You will have to retake the test within ninety days.


What Will Happen If I Pass the Test?

Once you pass the writing test, you will have to appear for the road test. Examiners are going to test your driving skills on the road. You will have to get there early. If you are late, they might reschedule. Therefore, make sure that you are there at the given time with the driver’s license fee. You will have to pay $25.

Examiners will start with the vehicle inspection. It will not take more than five minutes. They are not going to give you any mark on the inspection. If your vehicle meets all the safety requirements, the officers will start the road test. They will test the following.

  • Basic Control Skills: It will take ten minutes, and you will get scores on this test. They will ask to do three maneuvers before allowing you to drive on the road. These three maneuvers are parallel parking, backing into space, and stopping at a line. If your score is less than six points, you will not be allowed to take the next test. If you score more than six points, they will ask you to give an on-street driving test.
  • On-Street Driving Test: It will take thirty minutes to one hour. It is going to be scored. You will have to give this test on the road. The entire test will continue for one hour. If you get up to twenty-five points, you will pass.


What Types of Questions Should You Expect?

As mentioned earlier, it is all about observing your driving skills on the road. When the writing test verifies your knowledge about the road signs, safe driving, and other safety rules, the road test examines how you can follow these rules. You can expect the following on the road test.

  • Backing: You will have to back smoothly for around a hundred feet in the straight line. You will have to turn and look while doing so. Otherwise, they are going to cut your points.
  • Parallel Parking: While showing this, you need to turn your head to look behind instead of using the rearview mirrors. They will observe your body language. If they do not find it acceptable, they will cut your points. You will have to do it carefully to create a good impression.
  • Rural highway/ Expressway Driving: They will observe how you are handling while driving in different conditions.
  • Stopping at Intersections and a Line: Make sure that you are stopping your vehicle at least two feet before the line. They will cut the point if you cross the line.
  • Railroad Crossing: You will have to stop behind the stop sign while stopping for a train.
  • Right and Left Turns: Use your signal ahead of the time and use the same lane.
  • Turn off the Radio/Fan While Driving: You will have to practice switching off or on the fan or radio. They might ask you to do any of them while driving. You will have to do it right to score points.

During the road test, you might notice that the examiner is taking notes of everything. You do not need to worry about that. The officer is checking your driving skills. Instead of being disturbed by this, you should give all your effort to perform your best. It will impress your examiner and enable you to score well.


Wrapping Up

From the above, you might have realized that Michigan driving test questions are all about the Michigan roads and driving rules. During both writing tests and road tests, they will ensure that you know the rules to drive safely on Michigan roads. You can go through the Driver’s Manual to impress them in both these tests. If you can make it, the driving license will come within fifteen days. Explore your driving!