Michigan Driver's Permit Test - Michigan Road Rules 3

How many points will be placed on your license for failing to stop and provide identification at a crash scene?

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You must not park within what distance of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing?

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In order to be regarded as being the supervisor of younger children left in a car, a child must be at least what age?

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If you are convicted of drug offenses, even if they were not involved with driving and it is your first offense, your driver license may be suspended for how long?

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It is illegal to use or flash high beam headlights within what distance of an oncoming vehicle?

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Drivers with a Level 1 License may only drive with a licensed parent, guardian or other responsible adults with them over the age of ...?

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Having a driving license in Michigan is…?

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You should be especially alert for deer collisions in...?

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On a freeway you can drive in any lane provided there are at least how many lanes?

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Which of these contributes to hydroplaning?

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With certain exceptions, Level 2 License holders may not drive between what hours?

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When driving in fog you should use …?

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You must not park within what distance of a marked crosswalk?

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Children can be exempted from the need for a child safety seat or booster seat (but still must wear a seatbelt) once they reach the height of…?

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When approaching a railroad crossing you must be aware that which of these vehicles must stop and check for trains before crossing railroad tracks?

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When being licensed for the first time, Michigan drivers are on probation for a minimum of…?

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You must not cross which of these road markings?

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When it begins to rain, the roads will be most slippery…?

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What is the maximum speed allowed on all freeways unless otherwise posted in Michigan?

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Approximately how many people are killed on Michigan's roads each year?

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Which of these convictions will remain on your driving record permanently?

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Level 2 License holders may not use a cell phone when driving except…?

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Refusing to take a chemical alcohol test will result in how many points being placed on your license?

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For any moving violation involving a school bus, any fine levied will be increased by…?

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When approaching a railroad crossing, you should never begin crossing unless there is enough space on the other side of the tracks for you to clear the furthest rail by at least…?

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How Should I Prepare For The Driving Permit Test?

If you are preparing to get your driving license, it’s a very important time. You are also anxious to hit the road. Furthermore, if you are a Michigan resident, then you need to pass the written driving test before you take your excitement to the final level.

The state requires a written test from the budding drivers to get the learner’s permit. They want to ensure that you understand the rules of driving and the roads. The written test is not very difficult to pass, but if you do not prepare for the exam, you might fail the test. You will get the guideline book, and you have to study the same thoroughly. Always opt for passing in one go, and check out the tips for the written exam here in this article.


Eligibility and requirement for the written driving test:

Michigan driver's permit test The Michigan driver’s permit test is required for the people who have applied for Michigan level one license or the temporary permit for the 18 over drivers. The driver’s written test includes 50 questions from the driver’s manual book of 2021 and you have to at least 40 correct answers to get the pass mark. You will get questions on driving restrictions, safe driving rules, and road signage. The state has set up a graduated driver’s license program under 18, that you can take when you are 14 years and nine months old.

If you are under 18 and wish to take the test, then you will have to opt for the knowledge exam as a part of the education program for drivers. Other than this, you will have to pass the vision test and provide a driver’s education program certificate, only if you are under 18. Also, you have to pay a $25 fee. If you are older than 18, you have to take the test in the Secretary of state office. This permit test will help you study the driving laws of Michigan based on the same official written test information.

This test is perfect for, MI Driver’s License Renewal, Michigan Learner’s Permit, MI Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test and to get Michigan Driver’s License.


The driver’s manual for the written test:

To take the written test, you must have a copy of a Michigan Driver’s Manual. This book is titled ‘What Every Driver Must Know’. This copy consists of information on road safety, parking, road signs, traffic laws, and other things. The test questions will be based on this book. So, it’s important to study the copy thoroughly. You won’t even have to get the physical copy of the book as you can get the PDF version of it. You just have to download the same, and you can view the book on your smartphone or an e-reader. This will help you study the contents any time you want.


Online test:

You have to read the manual book thoroughly and along with it, you can try giving practice tests online. These exams will help you remember the questions and their answers. The practice tests are based on the previous year’s questions and the probable ones. So, if you opt for the same, the main exam will be easier to pass. You will find several online practice test sites, choose the relevant one and evaluate your skills. You will get 50 questions and you have to answer at least 40 correct ones to pass. The practice exams will provide you the same system.

It’s the best idea to study the manual first, then go for the practice test to check your memory. Check the questions, and look for the wrong answers you have opted for. Then study the manual again and take the practice exam. This will improve your knowledge, and your confidence level will increase once keep taking the practice tests.


Download an app:

To prepare fully for the written test you can download an app. You will get Android and iPhone versions for the same, and there will be a practice test.


Some important things to know about the Michigan Written driver’s test:

  • To take the test if you are 18 years old or older, you have to visit the Secretary of State office. Here you can apply for the TIP or Temporary Instruction permit. If you are under 18, you have to opt for segment one and two tests at your school.
  • For the test at the Secretary of State Office, you have to arrive at least one hour before. This way you will get enough time to take the exam.
  • The written test includes knowledge of road signs, traffic laws, safety measures, and so on. You have to score at least 70% to pass the exam. The questions will be true-false and multiple choice.
  • Before you opt for the main exam, you have to read the driver’s manual thoroughly. Read the information provided there and opt for practice exams before the main test. You will get various sites for the online practice test. Attempt several tests, until you are satisfied with the answers.
  • You can download the PDF version of the book for free and study at your pace.
  • Test takers often make some common mistakes, and this mainly happens when you do not read the manual book properly. If you only depend on the practice tests, you will never be well-versed with the questions. Also, try not to rush to answer the right options, take your time to read the questions, and remember what you have studied.
  • You will not be allowed to use your internet or digital device to answer the questions. The rules do not allow any kind of cheating in the written test.
  • If you fail the written test, there will be two more times you can sit for the exam. This has to be within 90 days only. If you fail three times, then your application will be closed, and you have to re-apply.
  • You can take the test in other languages too. There will be printed translations of other dialects, or the branch officers can offer you, interpreters. If you want to check the list, you have to call the Department of State first.



On the day of the Michigan driver’s permit test, you must relax. Make sure to read the questions and take your time to take the test. Re-read the questions and the answers you have opted for. This way you can correct the answers.