Michigan DMV Practice Test - Michigan Road Rules 5

You should not turn your headlights off until…?

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What is the maximum speed allowed in mobile home parks and some municipal parks in Michigan?

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Causing the death or injury of any person in a work zone can result in fines of up to…?

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You must never park within what distance of a fire or a crash?

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You will have to undergo a driver assessment re-examination if you accrue how many one-point violations on your driving record within a two-year period?

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You must not park within what distance of stop signs, traffic lights, or flashing beacons?

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When parking on the opposite side of the street from a fire station driveway, you must not park within what distance of it?

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If you disagree with the reason you have been given a ticket by a law enforcement officer, what should you do?

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If you are pulled over by law enforcement officer, what should you do with your license?

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You will have to undergo a driver assessment re-examination if you accrue how many total points on your driving record within a two-year period?

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The maximum speed limit in construction zones in Michigan, unless posted differently, is what?

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Carrying an open alcohol container in the passenger compartment of your vehicle will result in how many points being placed on your driving record?

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You should always remember that most commercial vehicles are what width?

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A commercial vehicle traveling at 55 mph will take approximately how long to stop?

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Any points placed on your driving record in Michigan will remain there for how long from the date of conviction?

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Prepare With Michigan DMV Practice Test

If you are interested in taking the Michigan DMV practice test then you have certain steps to follow and certain driving skills to learn to get licensed successfully. This Test includes vision tests, learning road signs, passing out written knowledge exams, and then an on-road driving test to get the final license. With a written exam being successful, you get a temporary license to learn to drive. Along with this, you should submit a photo taken recently with a fee of 25 dollars before a TIP or temporary instruction permit is issued. This TIP helps to drive with a certified instructor or anyone who has a permanent license accompanying you.


About the practice test

Michigan DMV Practice Test Michigan DMV (Driving motor Vehicle) practice test is a mock written test for examining your driving signs, road signs, and so on for applying to Michigan license Level 1. This will prepare you for the real written test for level 1. This will provide you a temporary instruction permit or TIP for applying for an on-road driving test, which is a level 1 of Michigan license.

There are 2 ways to earn a driver’s license in Michigan. Teens below 17 can undergo the graduated driver’s license course of the state. Ages over 18 can take an independent course and attend a written test first to get a temporary license and for their on-road practice. Post this within a month of practicing practical road driving, they can take a road test for a permanent driving license.

  • Eligibility criteria- You should be above 18 years to take this test. You should be a US resident or citizen or have a legal present temporary proof.
  • Several questions- The written test comprises 50 questions from the test manual for you to answer correctly. To become successful, you should correctly enter a minimum of 40 questions.

What questions are included?

The questions test your knowledge about driver education and Michigan driving laws. The questions included are about:

  • Road signs
  • Driving restrictions
  • Safe driving laws
  • Michigan state laws of driving


What else is included?

Other than the written test you will have to take a certificate of segment one completion, a standard vision test, and a 25 dollars fee to take up the exam.

The exam is ideal for: (MI- Michigan)

Step by Step Guide to Michigan DMV Practice Test


1: Study- You should be well versed or study well to help you successfully finish the written knowledge test which is held at the Secretary of State or SOS office. This exam is Department of State-regulated. The fees and policies vary. You will get driving manual booklets for study at the SOS office. Get in touch with the nearest branch office to get yours.

2: Submitting documents

The other things you need to do is:

  • Present a valid SSN or social security number or ineligibility letter or Michigan residency identity or US citizenship identity or legal US presence proof.
  • Take and pass the vision test and other physical standards.
  • Have your photo taken.
  • Pay a 25 dollar fee for the exam or TIP. Temporary operators permit will permit you to drive until your original license arrives.
  • A temporary legal presence resident will be provided a certain term or period for their license which is valid until he or she is a resident of the US.

3: Taking the written test by paying a fee

Pay the fee of 25 dollars and have your photo taken to permit you in the written knowledge tests. A TIP or Temporary Instruction Permit is issued if you are successful in the written exam. This TIP permits you to learn on-road driving with an instructor or by an accompanied adult with a valid license.

This written test comprises 50 questions out of which you have to pass at least 40 questions. The questions are about road signs, driving techniques, and state traffic rules and laws. This can be learned from the handbook manual available at the Michigan SOS office.

Michigan DMV practice test

You have a practice test that helps you in a pre-examination preparation to get an idea about the pattern of the exam. It is like a rehearsal before the real exam. These practice tests are available online and can be taken for honing your skills. This will help you review the material carefully in all aspects to pass the written test successfully. When you are fine with the practice tests, with the confidence and knowledge, the go-ahead to take the actual test which becomes easier for you.

4: Practice driving with an instructor or with an accompanied licensed adult

Practice driving control, on-road driving, and other associated details with a licensed adult or under a certified instructor. The practice period is a 30-day or one month after which you can head to take an on-road driving test.

5: Take your driving skills to test on-road.

Driving skills are tested by a driving testing agency across the state. The sites for testing are generally listed in your phone book. Costs and times vary from one location to other. Check before you go.

The driving test is in two parts:

  • Written test which is taken and understood at the above step.
  • A driving test comprises of testing your basic control and on-road driving skills and requirements.

Once your written test is over, you have to face and show your driving skills in the on-road test. Independent examiners take up these driving tests. Based on their queries and tasks, you are tested on-road driving. This test will successfully provide you a permanent driving license to drive in Michigan.

The last step is to take your TIP and wait for your driving license in your mail. This license will make you a permanent licensed driver.



The DMV practice test is a mock test that helps you to prepare for the written driving test and be successful to get a temporary driving permit for road practice. These tests will help you to get an idea of the pattern and the exam on the whole boosting your knowledge as well as confidence to pass the exam.