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How to Ace the Illinois Practice Permit Test

Illinois Practice Permit Test Passing the Illinois DMV Driving Permit Test is imperative in order to get your driving license. You are required to absorb extensive information about traffic laws and rules while studying for your permit test.

According to statistics, 1 in 5 drivers is unable to pass the test. However, there is no need to worry as long as you take the Illinois practice permit tests and adhere to these 6 simple guidelines:

1.     Get hold of the Illinois DMV Handbook

The first and the most important step to prepare for the Illinois driving test is to download the Illinois DMV Handbook online or get it from your local DMV office. It is a comprehensive guide containing the exact content of the course, saving you from tedious research. Your task is to simply memorize it.

It is best to start reading the guide at least a month prior to your written test. Begin by opening the booklet and leaf through casually. It is a long and detailed handbook, but there is no need to stress.

Reading for the first time provides you with a solid base of knowledge, which is reinforced the more you prepare. In order to organize your study routine, you can try making concise notes for yourself using sticky notes, flashcards, and highlighters.

A helpful tip is to create a study document on your computer for taking notes. This way, you will have a useful summary for yourself by the end of your preparation.

Always make a timetable to stay organized. You can schedule different topics for studying each day and quiz yourself once you are done with a particular topic.

2.     Start with the basics: Identify signs, signals, and pavement markings.

Memorize the signs in the state DMV manual. It is essential to identify the various types of signs, including their shapes, color, and types. Other fundamental aspects include signals and pavement markings.

The key is to do repetitive learning so it stays in your memory. You may take the practice test with an experienced driver, such as a family member or friend. This will allow you to question and discuss why a certain rule or practice prevails, helping you learn by applying logic.

Written driving tests usually have wordings similar to that in the manual, which is why you must be attentive to phrases used for certain laws. Also, pay attention to non-traffic laws, such as DUI blood alcohol limits, distractions while driving, and weather conditions.

3.     Study and review

Over-preparing never hurt anyone. The more you study, the more you will be able to retain information.

It can be especially helpful to focus on important numbers, for example, speed limits in different zones such as school, residential, etc. After taking practice tests, make sure you review your answers to ensure you don’t miss anything.

4.     Re-take practice tests

Take as many practice tests as you can. This will help acquaint you with the pattern of the test and enable you to score better.

When you feel tired after studying, take a short break to re-energize yourself, and resume learning. It is always best to keep taking the Illinois practice permit tests until you get the pass with flying colors.

5.     Grade scores and compare them to passing threshold

Practice tests usually have a rubric attached. You can check the answers to each question to see if you marked the correct answer.

Make note of the questions you missed or answered wrongly for reviewing later. Try writing down questions and correct answers so you have practice associating them with each other.

During practice, you are likely to miss some questions. After grading yourself, go back to the guidebook and re-read to figure out the right answer. Note down the topics you miss in order to stay focused and organized.  

Passing the written Illinois practice permit test requires a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge. Repetitive learning along with a solid understanding of the concepts would help you prepare well.

 An organized study plan with sufficient attention to each topic is an excellent way to ensure that you score at least 80%, which is the passing threshold. 

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