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How To Prepare Yourself For Georgia Learners Permit Test?

Georgia Learners Permit Test Driver’s Ed Class

To boost your chances of passing the written permit test, you can attend a Driver’s Ed class when you are 14 years old. The 30-hour-class should be a reputable driving school that teaches teenagers how to drive and is AAA endorsed. Although not compulsory, the class can guarantee success by ensuring you fully understand the manual’s information and makes it easy to remember.

Try Several Practice Tests

After studying Georgia’s Driver’s Manual or taking a Driver’s Ed class, it is time to test how much knowledge you have acquired. Test your knowledge using online practice tests. Try and pass at least three of these, and you will be ready for your actual Georgia Permit Test. You can take these tests from the comfort of your room and at whatever time you wish. These practice tests give you a good idea of who the permit test questions will be asked. They offer immediate feedback, giving you insight into how much more you need to study to pass the test.

Prepare the Required Documents

Before heading out to the DSS for your test, you and your parents need to have some essential documents with you. These documents include documentation showing your identity; it can be either be a passport or birth certificate, full social security number, proof of U.S. citizenship, evidence of lawful residence in the United States like financial statements and utility bills, and authorized Georgia Certificate of Attendance from your high school.

Extra Tips to Prepare for Your Permit Test

  • Study for your test again the night before and even invites someone to quiz and help you study your problem areas.
  • Get a good night’s sleep, then grab a good healthy breakfast and stay calm and relaxed on the morning of the exam.
  • Be positive and picture yourself already passing the test. Relax and avoid getting nervous, anxious, or doubting yourself before the exam.

Head to a DSS Office near You

You are ready to sit for and pass your written permit test. Head over to a DSS office for your Georgia Learners Permit Test. The DSS offices carry out written tests from Tuesday to Saturday, with less traffic on Wednesday and Thursday. Do not rush through your exam because you are provided with ample time to answer each question. Remember, nobody is trying to trick you in the permit test, and the correct answer should be obvious if you prepared well.

Yay! You Passed, What Now?

Congratulations, you have a Learner’s permit, but you still cannot be out and about driving alone just yet. You can only drive in the presence of a passenger who is 21 years or older and has a valid and unexpired driver’s license. For you to drive alone, you must be 16 or 17, having passed the road test with a driver’s license and at least 40 hours of driving experience.

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