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Let Us Help You Start Driving in New York With the DMV Practice Test NY

DMV Practice Test NY Driving is a big deal in a place like NYC where more than 80% of residents commute via subway, train, or public bus system. The numerous advantages offered to drivers holding their own driver’s license (and vehicle) sway thousands of people to break the norms and take that DMV test every year.

But not so fast.

Written test. Driving test. You must earn a driver’s license. And so, learning the rules of the road is the next step in the process.

That 70-page study manual scared you to death yet? Of course, it has. You likely have no idea where to start studying or what you should and should not learn.

Before you earn that driver’s license, you must pass a State of New York written exam and a driving exam. The exams cover information found within this guide.

That’s a lot of information to sink into your brain!

And while the test is by no means designed only for rocket scientists, there’s a lot of information important to know that the average person doesn’t, especially in a place like NYC where subways, trains, and city buses transport the majority of residents from one location to the next.

Each person must pay a fee to take the written driving test and the road test. This fee is non-refundable, even if the potential driver fails either of the tests. The potential driver must complete the test before they can sit in for a road test that ultimately earns them a New York driver’s license.

The written exam covers road signs, road rules and regulations, laws covering drug and alcohol use, and safety while on the road. Potential drivers must answer 14 of the 20 questions on the test correctly to pass the test.

The DMV Practice Test NY helps drivers pass their written test and their driving test. Updated in November 2020, the practice test covers information found on the official test, minimizing guesswork from that huge study guide!

Using the practice test, drivers learn areas they need improvement so they can study before the test. The practice test gives drivers an advantage because they know the information they should study.

The practice test also gives the potential driver more confidence. Many people are not good test takers due to their anxiety. If you’re one of those people, you could potentially fail the test even if you know the answers to all the questions. The practice test resolves some of the anxiety and gives you confidence that you’ll pass the driving test.

Available online 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, potential drivers may use the practice tests as often as they’d like until they’re comfortable with their knowledge and ability to pass the actual test. For further help, the practice exam includes simulations, articles, and tips. Test takers know exactly what to expect on the official exam, ensuring they pass the test the first time around.

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